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An Immigrant's 


Hello, my name is Andrea Bejarano-Robinson, and I am the Democrat running for SC House District 7. I am a native of Colombia, South America. At the age of 4, I was adopted and began my life in America. I am running because we need diversity and inclusion in the SC General Assembly. We need more minority representation so that we are not talked about, but rather talked with. We also need representatives with disabilities for the same reason.

For far too long we have overlooked many areas that are in desperate need of attention across this state.

My platform includes: 

  • Fully Funding education in South Carolina. We have been at or near the bottom in national education for too long. We need to stop diverting funds away from education and give it the attention that it deserves.

  • Ensure a state-wide minimum wage of at least $15 / hour. Everyone deserves a living wage whether you are a teenager just starting out or an adult down on your luck. Other states have already set the example for this by enacting a higher minimum wage. 

Together we can accomplish these goals and make a better South Carolina for years to come!

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